Our Story

Pura Bean Coffee was founded on the principal of enjoying coffee and life. It all began after several excursions to Costa Rica where we fell in love with the local coffee and lifestyle. As raving fans we decided it would be fun to make our own coffee back home in Jacksonville, FL.  Using our daughter’s popcorn popper we began learning the craft of roasting and creating blends of coffee for friends and family.  Our obsession grew to roasting coffee for real in the back of our own shop, where we serve up specialty blends from all over the world and deliver to local retailers in our 1979 Orange VW Bus. To this day we continue the pursuit of providing you that perfect cup, so you slow down, drink coffee and enjoy life!


Pura Bean Coffee Company offers fresh roasted coffee that comes from people who love to bring out each bean’s wonderful flavor. The beans that are used in our coffee are not only selected for their high quality, but we also look to farms who use sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We do this to ensure we are protecting this beautiful and wonderfully made planet God has given us! We currently offer several blends as well as single origin offerings.