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Turn to Pura Bean Coffee Company of Jacksonville, FL for select beans from around the world. Our hand selected beans are roasted to create an amazing cup of coffee! From the second you pick up the bag you will be able to smell the wonderful aroma that begs you to brew a cup. We love coffee and we love what we do, so we hope that you experience that every time you enjoy a cup of our Pura Bean blends!

Pura Bean Reserve

Pura Bean Reserve is a rotating single origin coffee selected for its unique and distinctive flavors. The current Reserve offering is a wonderful peaberry coffee from Rwanda. This coffee is embodies all the characteristics we are looking for in our Reserve offering. We roasted this coffee as a medium roast and the cup produces an amazing blend of peach, apricot and lime with a smooth black tea finish. This is truly an amazing and unique cup of coffee and we are happy to be able to share it with everyone!


A crisp and balanced cup of coffee that is a great start to your day! This coffee has a great mix of cocoa and citrus tones with an earthy under toned flavor that comes from select Arabica beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea. This coffee is also excellent when cold brewed and prepared as iced coffee!

Tico Time

Tico Time is a rotating specialty coffee from Costa Rica. The current offering is a coffee from the Tarrazu Region and it Rain Forest Alliance certified. The cup is very balanced with notes of cherry, grape and a subtle chocolate undertone. This coffee embodies all that makes Costa Rican coffee so wonderful! Pura Vida!

Coffee and Hope

This is our first coffee dedicated to giving charitable contributions to the origin in which the coffee came from. $4.00 of each bag is given to www.TheVine.Co to help feed the needy in Nicaragua. This is a Nicaraguan coffee with a nice plummy sweetness and hints of butterscotch and caramel.

# 14

14 is our signature espresso blend and is quickly becoming one of our most popular. This coffee is a blend of Kenyan, Guatemalan, Brazilian and Balinese beans that were selected to give heavy chocolate notes like a more traditional European espresso blend. The cup has a creamy mouth-feel with heavy chocolate notes and a subtle fruity finish.

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is an excellent espresso blend containing a rich body with cocoa tones and a smooth nutty finish. This blend contains select organic and rain forest alliance certified Arabica beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala.


MOJO is a wonderful coffee from Bali and is Organic, Shade Grown and Rain Forest Alliance certified. This cup has dark chocolate notes with hints of licorice and vanilla. It is full of flavor and also works well cold brewed and served as iced coffee.

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Bleu is our decaffeinated coffee that was decaffeinated using a chemical free process known as the Mountain Water Process. This coffee has a chocolate tone with subtle sweetness and a hint of lemon. Bleu is a very smooth and balanced coffee and it is hard to believe that this coffee is decaffeinated!

Come join the Pura Bean Coffee in sharing excellent coffee today!

Our small batch roasted coffee is available at our coffee shop in Jacksonville, Florida, the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, FL as well as several retail stores around Northeast Florida. Please contact us if you are interested in serving or selling our coffee in your local business – this will be sure to add an uniqueness to your industry and you won’t be disappointed! Our coffees are offered in whole bean and ground coffee and presently available in 12 oz bags however larger quantities are available upon request.

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, for delectable coffee selected from around the world.